Sep 27, 2023  
Graduate Bulletin 2023-2024 
Graduate Bulletin 2023-2024

Transfer Credit Policy

Loras College will consider transfer credit for graduate-level courses taken at a regionally accredited college or university. No grade below B- will be accepted. The credits must be applicable to the specific graduate program in which the student is enrolled. Students will not be allowed to transfer courses related to practicum, internship, clinical or a thesis. The graduate-level credit must have been earned within ten (10) years prior to admission to the graduate program. Students who request transfer credit must also consult the specific requirements for the program they are pursuing.

Graduate coursework taken without conferred degree:

No more than nine (9) transfer credits in a program of 30+ credits will be accepted, with the exception of the Master of Arts in Counseling program, which will accept twelve (12) transfer credits.

Graduate coursework taken as part of a conferred graduate degree:

Students may be able to transfer up to 9 credits of graduate coursework from a conferred graduate degree. The course(s) transferred must be a direct equate to a Loras College graduate course, as determined by the Program Director based on review of the course syllabus. All transfer courses from a conferred degree must be reviewed and approved by the program director and the Registrar prior to the student starting the program. The program director may consult with a program committee to determine eligibility of transfer courses. Additional restrictions regarding transfer courses may be identified by individual graduate programs.

Procedure to Request Transfer Credit:

Incoming students interested in transferring credit must submit transcripts and course descriptions to the program director prior to registration for their first semester courses.

A currently enrolled graduate student who wishes to take graduate credits at another institution for transfer to Loras College must have the prior written approval of the director of his/her program. Requests for acceptance of transfer credit must be made in writing to the Loras College Registrar Office, Box 1, 1450 Alta Vista Street, Dubuque, Iowa 52001; or emailed to Requests should include the course title(s), and the course description(s) of the requested transfer credits, as well as a syllabus (if available).

Only transfer credits which have been approved are posted to the Loras College graduate transcript.

*Decisions concerning the transfer of credit are made by the program director of the graduate program with potential consultation with a program committee. Individual graduate programs may have more stringent requirements for transfer credits than the institutional-level requirements specified in this policy.