Jun 19, 2024  
Graduate Bulletin 2023-2024 
Graduate Bulletin 2023-2024 Archived Bulletin

Applied Psychology, M.A.

Graduate Program Director: Julia Omarzu, Ph.D., Professor


The Master of Arts in Applied Psychology program is designed to meet graduate educational needs by:

  1. Enhancing the professional competencies and involvement of people already engaged in an applied field of psychology. 
  2. Providing a master’s level education for those students wishing to pursue doctoral education elsewhere.
  3. Providing a general master’s level education for those individuals not interested in applied clinical work.

Applied Psychology Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop psychological knowledge and skills for communicating and working effectively at an individual, group, and organizational level.
  2. Understand how developmental and learning processes influence human functioning across diverse contexts.
  3. Develop the ability to identify factors that promote optimal wellness, performance, and productivity within their field.
  4. Integrate knowledge of cross-cultural diversity to promote equity and social justice within their field.


Applicants must submit the following application materials to the Director of Admission: Graduate and Postbaccalaureate Programs, Loras College, 1450 Alta Vista, Dubuque, Iowa 52001:

  1. Online Graduate Program application: www.loras.edu/apply
  2. All official transcripts from each institution attended, including undergraduate and graduate
    1. A minimum cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 (or 2.9 in the last 60 credits) is required for admission.
    2. Completion of at least 9 credits in the behavioral sciences is required for admission.
  3. Personal statement
  4. Current resume or vitae
  5. Three recommendations

Deadlines are as follows:

Fall enrollment - materials due by July 1

Spring enrollment - materials due by December 1

Summer enrollment - materials due by April 1

Applications submitted after these deadlines will be considered on an individual basis


Immediately following receipt of all application materials, the file will be reviewed by the Program Director to determine whether to move forward with an interview. The applicant will then be contacted with information about their next steps. After completion of the interview (or after review of the file), the applicant will be notified of an admission decision in their online Applicant Status Portal. Please note that if admitted, and after payment of the confirmation deposit, enrollment in the program is contingent upon:

  • All students must sign a Handbook Acknowledgement Form indicating they understand all of the policies and procedures of the program. This will be provided at the required graduate orientation.


Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who will assist him/her as s/he moves through graduate studies. The student is to meet with the advisor at the beginning of enrollment and prior to registration for subsequent semesters to design an individualized program of courses.

A minimum of 30 credits for the Applied Psychology degree program are required. Up to 9 credits of coursework can be transferred from another institution for the Applied Psychology program. Approval is required from the Program Director prior to taking courses.


The capstone requirement for the Master of Arts degree in Applied Psychology program requires a student to integrate facets of their career interests with the program student learning outcomes. The capstone is a culminating project or paper demonstrating knowledge acquired for each of the student learning outcomes in the master’s program. 


Probation from the Applied Psychology graduate program is based on the following criteria:

  • Violation of College’s student code, first offense or specific impairment policy
  • Student is evaluated with negative performance by a faculty member

Students should reference the “Dismissal Policies and Procedures ” portion of this Bulletin in the “Graduate Academic Standards” section for specifics on dismissal policy.


See Non-Degree Seeking/Non-Pathway Seeking Students Policy: Here    

Requirements for the Applied Psychology Degree:

Courses in the Applied Psychology program are seven weeks long. Two courses are offered consecutively each semester. During their first summer in the Applied Psychology program students take L.MAP 590 Psychology of Stress and Coping . In their final summer term students complete L.MAP 600 Applied Psychology Capstone . (30 Credit Hours)