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Undergraduate Bulletin 2022-2023 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2022-2023 Archived Bulletin

Finance, B.A.

William Hitchcock, MBA, Dean

General Education 36-39 credits
Major 57-58 credits
General Electives 23-27 credits

The Loras College Finance program is designed to develop graduates who will be successful in their careers, while also taking care of the best interests of their clients, organizations, and communities. The goal of financial professionals is to help their clients and organizations (both for profit and non-profit) achieve their long-term goals. The Loras Finance curriculum is designed to prepare students for whichever path they choose to pursue in finance, including financial advising, wealth management, banking, insurance, investment analysis, or corporate finance.

Student Learning Outcomes - Finance

  1. The ability to analyze financial statements to evaluate company performance and strategy.
  2. The ability to apply time value of money concepts to analyze the capital budgeting decisions and capital structure choices of businesses
  3. Understanding of the concept of market efficiency and ability to analyze and evaluate/value a variety of financial assets
  4. Understanding of the multiple types of exchange rate risk and how analyzing and applying strategies companies use to mitigate this risk
  5. Analyzing the workings of financial markets and financial institutions and the importance of asymmetric information
  6. The ability to apply theoretical, classroom learning in real world settings
  7. Ability to effectively communicate financial analysis as expected across professional settings
  8. Demonstrate a knowledge of and the ability to apply ethical standards, including Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and fiduciary principles, to moral dilemmas in finance

General Education Requirements


Requirements for the major in Finance (B.A.):

Students must earn a cumulative average of 2.00 or better in all L.ACC, L.BAN, L.BUS, and L.CIT courses and complete a minimum of 12 credits of upper level courses in their major (beyond core and supporting) at Loras College, including the seminar course.

Please Note:

Students must get PRIOR written permission to transfer in credit once they have matriculated at Loras. Students wishing to take a summer school class on another campus must get written permission from the Dean of the School of Business or their designee BEFORE taking the class. If a student has taken courses on other campuses and then transfers to Loras the Dean of the School of Business or their designee may make a determination of those transfer credits.

Since students who are double majoring within the School of Business will not be taking L.BUS 490  more than once, they need to complete an additional upper level course in either major to replace the second seminar course when applicable.