Sep 28, 2023  
Undergraduate Bulletin 2022-2023 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2022-2023 Archived Bulletin

Mathematics, B.S.

Robert S. Keller, PhD, Chair

General Education 36-39 credits
Major 42-44 credits
General Elective 37-42 credits

The mathematics major allows students to tailor their major to their goals and careers after graduation.

Student Learning Outcomes - Mathematics

  1. Students will demonstrate proficiency in oral mathematical communication
  2. Students will demonstrate proficiency in written mathematical communication
  3. Students will engage in the mathematical processes of creative problem solving, pattern recognition, and conjecture forming.
  4. Students will reflect on their process of productive struggle in mathematics
  5. Students will produce and evaluate the quality of mathematical arguments
  6. Students will apply analytical and procedural skills in a variety of contexts
  7. Students will synthesize various mathematical strategies to tackle authentic problems in novel settings

General Education Requirements


Requirements for the major in Mathematics (B.S.):

A minimum grade of a C (2.000) received in each of Reqs 1 through 5, and average of a C (2.000) in all courses applied to the student’s major is required. All majors must also take L.MAT 490 , the capstone experience for mathematics majors.  42-44 total required credits.