May 19, 2024  
Undergraduate Bulletin 2022-2023 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2022-2023 Archived Bulletin

Music Education, B.A.

Glenn Pohland, D.M.A., Chair 

General Education 36-39 credits
Major 90-94 credits
General Electives 0 credits

The music program offers two major degree programs: (1) Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education; (2) Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Performance . Both concentrations require successful completion of a piano proficiency examination. Related music minor program concentrations are listed below. The music program also offers a minor in Liturgical Music , in cooperation with the religious studies department.

Student Learning Outcomes - Music Education

  1. Students will demonstrate the technical and artistic skills necessary for independent musical expression in a major performance area.
  2. Students will perform both collaboratively and effectively through participation in musical ensembles.
  3. Students will apply musical theoretical concepts to analyze harmonic and formal structures and create musical examples using appropriate tools.
  4. Students will understand music in historical and cultural contexts.
  5. Students will demonstrate piano proficiency.
  6. Students will demonstrate conducting and rehearsal skills.
  7. Students involved in music education will apply appropriate teaching skills to classroom scenarios
  8. Students will communicate musical ideas in both written and oral contexts.
  9. Students will demonstrate fundamental aural proficiency.

General Education Requirements


Requirements for the major in Music Education (B.A.):

Successful completion of the piano proficiency is required either by taking 4 semesters of applied keyboard or class piano, or by the successful completion of the preliminary keyboard assessment. One capstone performance project (recital) is required for completion of the degree. Students in this concentration must complete the following courses with a C or higher.


* Students must enroll in two credits in the Applied Music major area during the semester of their senior recital.
**See requirements for the Major regarding piano proficiency.
***Students must be enrolled for credit to fulfill this requirement (i.e., the 0-credit option cannot count towards the completion of the B.A in Music Education).