Sep 27, 2023  
Undergraduate Bulletin 2022-2023 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2022-2023 Archived Bulletin

Religious Studies, B.A.

Kathrin A. Parks, Ph.D., Chair 

General Education 36-39 credits
Major 34 credits
General Elective 47-50 credits

The religious studies and theology program emphasizes five areas of study: scripture; doctrine; worship and sacraments; moral theology; and ecumenical and interfaith studies.

Student Learning Outcomes - Religious Studies and Theology

  1. Students are able to explain and reflect critically on important elements of religious tradition(s) using key facts, definitions, and vocabulary.
  2. Students are able to apply basic methods of research such as the ability to access, gather, and organize information from primary sources.
  3. Students are able to identify different theological approaches to key concepts, themes, and practices of religious life.
  4. Students are able to use theology to interpret religious beliefs and practices within the contemporary world. 

General Education Requirements


Requirements for the major in Religious Studies (B.A.):

Students are encouraged to take courses in the 100s and 200s between their first and fifth semesters, and courses in the 300s between their sixth and eighth semesters. 400 level courses are designed for majors only.

Select one from:


Requirements for the Ministry Concentration:

Majors wishing to graduate with a concentration of coursework in the area of ministry must complete the major including the following two courses:

Minor and Elective Courses