Sep 28, 2023  
Undergraduate Bulletin 2022-2023 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2022-2023 Archived Bulletin

Sociology, B.A.

Kathrin A. Parks, Ph.D., Chair 

General Education 36-39 credits
Major 31 credits
General Elective 50-53 credits

Student Learning Outcomes - Sociology

  1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the sociological imagination.
  2. Students will apply sociological theory to real-world issues.
  3. Students will write a literature review that demonstrates an ability to synthesize sociological research.
  4. Students will write a literature review that demonstrates an ability to interpret theory.
  5. Students will select and use an appropriate method for the research problem.
  6. Students will properly interpret, discuss, and present results.

General Education Requirements


Requirements for the Major in Sociology (B.A.):

Students completing a major in sociology must complete a minimum of 13 credits in sociology numbered 300 or above. A 2.000 GPA in sociology courses completed at Loras College is required for a major. Students in sociology may transfer up to 12 credits toward the sociology major from another institution and no more than 6 credits from another institution for the minor. Students may take L.CRJ 323  or L.PSY 211  and L.PSY 212  to meet the L.SOC 365  requirement.

Please note: No more than six (6) hours of previously cross-listed L.CRJ or L.SOC courses can count toward elective requirements in the major or minor (L.CRJ 252 L.CRJ 253 L.CRJ 320 ).