Sep 28, 2023  
Undergraduate Bulletin 2022-2023 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2022-2023 Archived Bulletin

Spanish, B.A.

Kate McCarthy-Gilmore, Ph.D., Chair

General Education 36-39 credits
Major 30 credits
General Elective 51-54 credits

Placement Guidelines for Spanish

All incoming students who plan to enroll in a Spanish course must take the online Spanish placement exam. Transfer students who have taken Spanish at another college or university are exempt from the exam. The Admission office will provide new first-year and transfer students with the placement exam information prior to orientation and registration. Current students should contact a member of the Spanish faculty to make arrangements to take the placement exam prior to registering for any Spanish course.

Study Abroad Programs

Study in another country is a vital component of the language student’s college experience. There are many opportunities for Loras students to study outside the U.S. for a semester, a summer or a full academic year. Such study greatly enhances a student’s skills in the target language and brings the student into direct contact with another country’s culture(s). The Division of Language & Literature strongly encourages its students to participate in such programs. All credits from Loras sponsored semester study abroad programs will automatically transfer back to the College. In order to apply credit from courses taken in a non-Loras sponsored study abroad program (semester or summer) students must obtain PRIOR written approval from a Spanish faculty member and must receive approval from the Study Abroad Coordinator in the Center for Experiential Learning.

Students may not apply more than 12 of the 30 credits required for the Spanish major, nor more than 6 of the 18 credits required for the Spanish minor, from courses taken through a single study abroad (not including January Term courses). Study abroad credits will count as L.SPA-300 and L.SPA-400 level elective credits or L.SPA 280 . Additionally, courses can count as course equates as approved by the Program Manager.

Student Learning Outcomes - Spanish

  1. Students demonstrate speaking and writing skills in the target language consistent with the Advanced levels as defined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.
  2. Analyze the cultural and literary products of the Spanish speaking world in order to evaluate the historical, social, economic and political forces that shape these societies.
  3. Examine the validity of one’s own cultural beliefs, behaviors and norms by contrasting and comparing them with those of the target cultures.
  4. Conduct independent, scholarly research by integrating, comparing, and evaluating ideas and materials from various critical, cultural and literary sources and applying this research orally and in writing.

General Education Requirements


Requirements for the Major in Spanish (B.A.):

Students must obtain a final course grade of C or better in each core sequence course of L.SPA 210 L.SPA 220 L.SPA 270 , and L.SPA 280  and satisfy all prerequisites in order to proceed through the sequence. Depending on placement, students may begin the major at any point in the Spanish course sequence as long as they satisfy all prerequisites but must complete equivalent credits if placed above L.SPA 210 . Only one L.SPW course offered in English may be applied to the major, this does not include international January Term courses with the SPW prefix.