Dec 02, 2023  
Undergraduate Bulletin 2022-2023 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2022-2023 Archived Bulletin

Secondary Education, B.A.

Julia S. Omarzu, Ph.D., Chair 

General Education 36-39 credits
Major 39 credits
General Elective 42-45 credits

The Loras College Teacher Education Program is accredited by the State of Iowa and holds membership in the Iowa Association of Colleges of Teacher Education. 

The Teacher Education Program prepares its students to become Reflective Teacher Advocates. The formation of Reflective Teacher Advocates is shaped by our commitment to developing four essential competencies in our teacher candidates: deep content knowledge, diverse instructional practices, everyday advocacy, and reflective action. Learning to develop and apply these four competencies occurs in the college classroom and through professional clinical experiences in our partner schools. 

The four essential competencies of the Reflective Teacher Advocate are aligned with ten program and student learning outcomes that define in more detail the skills of a teacher candidate in the Teacher Education Program. These outcomes are described in the ten InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards and Learning Progressions for Teachers. 

All prospective secondary teachers are strongly advised to enroll in L.ENG 391 Language Theory & Teaching of Writing . Students should consult with their content advisor regarding specific teaching major requirements. Students seeking licensure at the secondary level must also complete an academic major outside of Education in one of the following approved content areas:

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. InTASC Standard 1: Learner Development
  2. InTASC Standard 2: Learning Differences
  3. InTASC Standard 3: Learning Environments
  4. InTASC Standard 4 : Content Knowledge
  5. InTASC Standard 5: Applications of Content
  6. InTASC Standard 6: Assessment
  7. InTASC Standard 7: Planning for Instruction
  8. InTASC Standard 8: Instructional Strategies
  9. InTASC Standard 9: Professional Learning and Ethical Practice
  10. InTASC Standard 10: Collaboration